MR8100 – UNIDEN Scanning Mobile Receiver 8100

Photo: MR8100           The purpose of this site is to supplement Uniden’s MR8100 scanner and commercially available software with more technically oriented information than is readily available.

This additional information is intended to help computer programmers writing their own interface software.

     Photo: MR8100

This site provides information on the following topics:

  1. Scanner Specifications
  2. Technical Observations
  3. Uniden Supplied Software
  4. Custom Software Advantages
  5. Data Protocol
  6. Interface Software (custom)
  7. Birdie List
  8. Service Manual (not complete)
  9. Related Links

[Scanner Specifications]  [Technical Observations]  [Uniden Supplied Software]  [Custom Software Advantages
[Data Protocol]  [Interface Software]  [Birdie List]  [Service Manual]  [Related Links]

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