MR8100 – UNIDEN Scanning Mobile Receiver 8100

Data Protocol

Serial port parameters:

Baud RateParityData BitsStop Bits

Every character sent to the radio is echoed back to the PC. It is therefore important to always flush the input buffer and “confirm” the received characters match those sent. There are two types of commands that can be sent to the radio:

  1. Program a Channel / Bank Label / Priority; (21 bytes):

        <CC> <type> <EE> <data> <text>

  2. Request data from the radio; (3 bytes):

        <DD> <type> <EE>

    … radio responds with 18 bytes: <data> <text>


After sending data to the radio, unlock it (continue scanning) by sending a 0 byte.

NOTE: Data can not be sent to the radio if it happens to be locked on to the priority channel. Make sure the Priority indicator is off (press ‘PRI’).

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