MR8100 – UNIDEN Scanning Mobile Receiver 8100

Interface Software

Download: MR8100 Interface Software (21K) – version 1.0
Copyright © S.K. Consultants 1991

See the list of advantages that this custom written software has over Uniden’s supplied software.


This program requires no special installation or set up procedures.

Hard disk based system

Create a directory on your hard disk which should contain the program and the data files that will be created. Copy the program MR8100.EXE to that directory.

Running the program

To start the program type MR8100 at the DOS prompt.

This program will create data files as well as a configuration file in the same directory in which the program resides. These files are under control of the program.

The program uses colour for various messages and prompts if a colour monitor is available. Some PCs which have monochrome displays may not show all text properly. In this case start the program as follows:

MR8100 /m This will ensure that only black and white characters are used on the screen.

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