MR8100 – UNIDEN Scanning Mobile Receiver 8100

Deja News – Look for recent references to the MR8100 scanner in any newsgroups.

Other MR8100 related links:

Unfortunately all of the links listed are no longer active.

CTTScott eBay Store Often has “Uniden MR8100 Professional Scanner Package” and/or
“Uniden MR8100 Aftermarket User Guide” for sale.
GFC Services A program to enhance PC programming of the Uniden MR-8100
Hoka Electronics (UK) Discriminator Information
Rick Crider; KD4FXA Electronic Gadgetry – Nice picture and description
Sam Nabkey; ARS K8SN MR8100 Software – FREE!
Terence Brennan G/Wiz circuit board eliminates beeps and buzzing of trunking systems.

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