A Note from Mike Paterson

Mike Paterson, Jan 20 2000


I ran across your web pages on Worms by chance just now (on a link 
from Dean Hickerson). I was pleased to see that there was still progress 
being made, and progress to be made. I remember being delighted when 
Mike Beeler first did some simulations for me and these wonderful 
blue fuzzy patterns appeared on a CRT. Until then, I had just done 
them as doodles during boring lectures.

> I'm assuming you are THE Paterson, of "Paterson's Worms" fame.

Indeed, but, as you know, "fame" is a little strong in this context!

Jan 28 2000
Worm death: 
As I mentioned, I start doodling these worms to kill time in lectures.
I enjoyed seeing each pattern develop and it was sometimes sad to see 
a small worm whose life's walk one had been following for half an hour 
suddenly die!

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